Chihuahua Puppies For Sale
Chihuahua Puppies For Sale
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Hello Sleek Chihuahuas,
We are delighted with our new pup and so thankful that she has graciously agreed to let us live with her. She is lively (you did not exaggerate) and intelligent. She responds to her name, knows exactly where her food and water are located, and has established a race track in the house. Hope you are both well and wanted you to know how much we are enjoying her. We will keep in touch. 

Jackie and Herman 
Just wanted to let you know Kelly (Lucy) is doing great. We took her to the vet last Friday and everything looks good. We forgot to take a stool sample with us, but Kelly was sure to provide them with a fresh one on the exam room floor. Other than that, the house training is going well, mistakes are few and far between. Her snorting and snoring have earned her the nickname Piglet. She’s made some friends with other dogs in the neighborhood. In fact, our neighbors have a 6 month old Yorkie that runs over to our fence to look for her any time they take her out. If we’re out there with Kelly, they run back and forth until they have to drag the Yorkie away. Well, here are a couple pics from last week. Thanks again and talk to you soon, 

Bryan & Emma
Our new pup Simba is AMAZING! He's the perfect addition to our new family!!! Thanks for everything you've done for us, we'll be sending you more pics soon! 

McGregor & Family
Hi Sleek, Just checking in to let you know that Ozzie is the best dog ever! We are enjoying him so much. Every day we see new facets of his great personality and he just keeps getting cuter! He loves to fetch and play tag with us, and we have already been able to teach him so many things. Most recently he has mastered the "down" command (he already has "sit" down pat!). Will keep the photos coming! 

The puppy is awesome! We named him "Diesel." He is the cutest, sweetest, most lovable little guy. Everyone, and I mean everyone, absolutely loves him! He has had his vet visit and has had zero problems, issues whatsoever. Never even had any lose stools from the trip. I've kept him on the Royal Canine, which he loves. Also, at night, I am 'crate training' him which he also seems to enjoy. I have always had good success with crate training, but, have never seen a dog love his crate so much. He sleeps through the night, and then he eats at 6 and 6. He also comes to work with me everyday, which is a lot of fun for everyone. Anyway, so far so good. I expect things to only get better. Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate it. I will be sending pictures in the next few days. 

Hamilton and Grace
Hi, I wanted to let you guys know that Sassy is doing great! She's now known as Coco. She's really the best puppy, very smart, and well behaved. I have never known such a nice puppy! You can really tell that she's been well socialized and is healthy. Thanks again for making this such a great experience. We'll definitely be back for more Chihuahuas. we've caught the bug, so to speak! I'll send some pictures when she's a little bigger. 

Peterson & family
We just wanted to write and say Thank You for everything! We love our new Puppy! She is so good with the kids, has been eating well and has done perfect on her potty training. Bridget (Ginger) spent the whole day yesterday playing with the kids and exploring her new home. We has planned to have her sleep at night in her crate, but she spent the night sleeping in bed with us. I (Mike) am especially happy to have someone in the house who snores louder than me! 

Michael Ellington Family
Leah(formerly Natasha) is my first Chihuahua. After having Poodles, I didn't know what to expect really. When she was delivered, I literally cried because she was so sweet, not to mention the cutest thing I have ever seen. Right away, she took to my son. I have only had her for 2 years and she has learned so much! Shes already potty trained, knows various commands, socializes with other dogs so well and LOVES humans!! I have had more visitors for this puppy than I ever had for my kids!!. She is the envy of all my neighbors. She loves her baby pool. Loves to lay on my lounge chair and loves to sleep on her back. I am so happy I did my homework and found this amazing breeder!!! Thank you for my smart, beautiful, fun new addition!!! 

Maureen from Chicago